Gift gift knowledge and skills

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The first gift is not too much, as the first astepping-stone to success, to continue to contact after the relationship, rely on the usual accumulation, do much to send much of the ceremony, not afraid, do not be anxious, to seize the opportunity, do not do unnecessary work, as long as there is no confidence do not matter, but don't be too ambitious. Courtesy light weight friendship gifts should consider the specific circumstances and situations. In general to the private family, should be the hostess to bring some small gifts, such as fruit, native products etc.. Have children, can send toys, candy. Invited to participate in the wedding, in addition to artistic decorations, but also can be presented bouquets and practical items, the new year, Christmas, the general can send calendar, wine, tea, etc.. Grasp the timing of gifts and gifts should be given in general. But sometimes participate in the wedding, can also be sent in advance. He ceremony Festival, complimentary gift can be sent home or by mail. This should be with the gift giver's name card attached, handwritten message can also be installed in the envelope, a considerable size, the indication of the recipient's name, affixed to the skin above the gift packaging. Usually, in public only to a group of people in a personal gift is not appropriate. Because the recipient will be fooled by bribery and feeling, and make no gifts people have neglected and despised the feeling. It is not appropriate to give gifts to close people in public, in order to avoid giving the public the feeling that you are closely attached to the material things. Only the expression of special gift, only appropriate gifts in a public occasion. Because the public has become a witness to your sincere friendship. As a special souvenir, etc. Friendly attitude, words do not lose gifts should pay attention to attitude, action and language expression. Calm and friendly, liberal and dignified action with courtesy language, is willing to accept the gifts party. The thief style quietly in a corner of the gift placed under the table or room, can not achieve the purpose of the gift, even exactly the opposite. In our general practice, their gifts always modest and said: this! Small gift! Only a little meaning or sorry … … this practice is best avoided. Of course, if in the gift of an almost arrogant tone, said: This is a very valuable thing! Not appropriate. In the introduction of the gifts, it should be stressed that their affection and friendship with a party A, the actual value, rather than on the gift or fall into the ceremony and light righteousness point, even the other side there is a feeling of acceptance of bribes. Take into account the customs customs because people matter due to salute, is one of the social etiquette norms, for the gift of choice, should also be consistent with this requirement. The gift of choice, according to different receiver distinction. Generally speaking, to poverty, to better benefit; on the rich, sophisticated is preferred; for lover, lover, lover, with the memorial; to a friend, with fun is good; for the elderly, the better; for children, with special novelty for the better; for foreign guests to features for the good. The question of how to give gifts as the management of the said “ management of the infinitive ” the same, there is no fixed routine, can learn from, do not imitate. Generally, grasp the following principles: first, to send the unknown, in order to contact the feelings of gratitude, or wage promotion and so on, must be clear. Second, the best gift to match up, let the boss see that you took the time, rather than just carrying bags of snacks do things carelessly. In daily communication, know the leadership in certain aspects of the preferences, can they send some small gifts. Can also send their favorite, and leadership to share. There are a number of gifts are more common, such as their own elaborate little things, such as cards, calligraphy and so on. Deepen the feelings of the most important thing is to let the other person feel your mind, the most important thing is to spend the thought of moving. In fact, to deepen the feelings and please is the two thing, why should the boss's good, is not to deepen the feelings of it? When your feelings are sincere and beautiful, it is no longer superficial “ please ” but in “ deepen ” feelings. Third, gifts should not be too expensive. Ceremony light affection heavy, that is to deepen the feelings and send the gift, not in the gift value, and in this friendship. Gifts must grasp the principle of avoiding taboo

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