A woman who cut the Jade Road, Nanyang beauty jade carving designer Chen Ciyu

Release time:2019/11/13 10:44:13

Chen Ciyu recently fire, do Yuexin bidder, knows that there's a beauty shop owner, she is attached to the jade brand spokesperson, endorsement for his jade.

Chen Ciyu, female, Nanyang jade carving designer, is the chief designer and CEO Kechien jade company, a fashionable young designer, amiable and easy of approach of jade in the eyes of outsiders, she is a handsome temperament type of beauty + free, but in the eyes of friends, she is a real version of the jade industry Yang Lan. And behind her with jade, jade has become a comprehensive company general business entity jade more trust, has a good reputation in Nanyang shifosi.

Usually easy-going, gentle words of her, a lot of people dealing with her, it is difficult to associate her with the jade carving designer. Jade is a people more in a calm mood in the industry, in the pursuit of art on the road to peace, and carry out a jade carved heart tour. Day after day, year after year, calm and passion, introverted and active thinking. A moment of speech, a brief contact, Li can make people feel her deep understanding of jade and jade carving, revealing the natural love of jade, obsessed with the heart.

In the jade carving industry in Nanyang, which is dominated by men in the jade carving industry, want to break out of a calm and stable Road, to pay the efforts and hardships, only she knows. She is a woman of love fashion, is also a firm and indomitable tree, after wind and rain, stand in the Nanyang jade carving industry in cengluan.


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