Beijing cultural and creative crafts evoke memories of --2016 Beijing

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2016 Beijing International Fair held in Beijing International Convention and Exhibition center. This is the intersection of a culture and the soul of the industry, this is a collision of fashion and creative ideas.

This is another bloom of Beijing cultural undertakings.

Standing at the starting point of the new ten years, carrying the important mission for the realization of the great dream of China's contribution to the Beijing fair to sail the industry, cultural expression, once again voyage.

"Big", "special", "new" "tide", the four words condensed the biggest feature of this exhibition, placed the Beijing cultural industry people's expectations of the exhibition.

Big - bigger.

Special features of Beijing.

"New" -- highlight new elements of cultural industry.

"Tide" - highlight the international fashion trends.

Beijing, Beijing, Beijing. The birth and development of the fair show the high cultural consciousness and cultural confidence in Beijing. It is on this platform, multi format development pattern of Beijing cultural industry initially formed into an inexhaustible source of power for cultural development. In recent years, the cultural industry of our city to thriving pace steadily and spawned a number of industry development prospects, high degree of marketization, creativity and innovation through enterprise culture and brand culture, realize the cultural industry agglomeration effect.

Recite the cultural strong voice and chant the beautiful picture

A string of numbers in the innovation of the light, the people of Beijing proved unremitting efforts and exploration: we are pleased, because the cultural industry development environment optimization.

We are proud and proud, because the public platform for the construction of increasingly perfect. Last year, the harvest is full: the success of the 2015 International Fair held in Beijing, so that the fair has become one of the city's most popular exhibition in recent years, one of the most popular.

We are full of confidence, because the cultural industry projects in an orderly manner.

Recite the culture strong voice, climb the peak. We look forward to, "2016 Beijing fair" to create value with creativity to create a high degree of culture, with features to write a new chapter.

The Eleventh China Beijing international cultural and Creative Industry Fair (fair) will be opened on October 27th -10, 30.

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